No matter the need, SelectMD can support your decision making processes by offering direct, clear, and empirically supported people insights. Our clients are able to assess candidates for hire, promotion, and job change via an easy to administer online assessment. Each of our clients is provided with and online portal to manage candidates and view results.

The SelectMD report offers an in-depth look at candidates’ characteristics not typically illuminated during an employment interview. Is the candidate motivated? A cultural fit? Someone who will improve your metrics?

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In addition to profile strengths
and potential limitations, SelectMD offers:

Functional Position Fit

Unlike Chance of Leadership Success, Functional Position Fit will shift depending on what position a candidate is seeking.  Outcomes include Unlikely, Limited, Moderate, Solid, and Exceptional.

In addition to Functional Position Fit, SelectMD can tell you what type of medical professional the candidate is most likely to be.  These include Engagers, Diagnosticians, Casers, Movers, Sustainers, Medical Directors, and more.  This information is invaluable for organizations seeking to have positive impacts on their metrics.

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Derailers are sets of characteristics that may block, hinder, hamper, restict, thwart, or otherwise derail performance, rank, persistence, and behavior in the workplace. Such Watchouts may be thought of as representing the “dark side” of humanity and leadership, where confidence turns to arrogance, and skepticism becomes suspicion. Developmentally, understanding these Derailers is critical in order to navigate successfully both intrapersonal and interpersonal domains of leadership.

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Recommendation for Hire

Based on the response style of your canidate and the specific needs of your organization, SelectMD offers a clear Yes or No recommendation programmed off of both Functional Position Fit and Chance of Leadership Success.

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Work Motives

Job satisfaction, and therefore performance and tenure, are related to motivational alignment with the position and the organizational culture.  SelectMD analyzes the hard-to-measure elements of motive to ensure candidate motives are aligned with the position and environment in question.

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Chance of Leadership Success

Chance of Leadership Success is derived from a proprietary algorithm based off of our normative pool of over 30,000 cases. It is presented as a percent of criteria with possible outcomes of Unlikely, Limited, Moderate, Solid, and Exceptional.  Regardless of what position a candidate applies for, Chance of Leadership Success will remain consistent.

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Leadership Persona

Leadership Expression is the extent to which an individual has sustained influence in the social spectrum, along with the persistent and diligent drive to perform. The resulting intersection of two principal personality factors – Social Influence/Composure and Persistence/Diligence – is referred to as an individual’s Leader Persona.  Personas include Competitors, Catalysts, Consultants, Controllers, Creators, Contributors, Conductors, and Collaborators. Success may be found among all types of Leader Personas, but some are more associated with better performance than others.

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Coachability is derived from the intersection of assurance and receptivity.  Despite the desirability of Receptivity in terms of dynamic leadership, if it eclipses Assurance, then it suggests an individual who may over-commit and over-promise, or who may have grander ideas than are practical. It is not just Receptivity in isolation that makes for a great leader, but Anchored Receptivity -- innovative thinking grounded in business realities.

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Forecast for Success

By selecting which array a new candidate’s potential role falls within and what needs the organization has, our clients are able to make informed, empirically-based decisions around a candidate’s forecasted success within a given role. Hospitals that need to decrease length of stay, for instances, should select a “Move” physician by testing outcomes.